Vegan Menu

Vegan Breakfast £7.50
Vegan sausage, mushrooms, ½ tomato, hash browns,
baked beans, felafel fritter & toast
Pesto Roast Mushrooms on Bloomer Toast £4.80

Homemade Soup
Served with bread roll & dairy free spread £4.80
Served with a vegan cheese toastie £7.80

Served with mixed dresses salad & tortilla chips
Humous, coronation chick pea, tuno or vegan cheese
Single Filling £6.70 Double Filling £7.70
Salad, tomatoes, onion, olives
can be added

Baked Jacket Potato
Served with mixed dressed salad & coleslaw
Baked beans or chilli non carne or vegan cheese
One Filling £6.70 Two Fillings £7.70

Toasted Panini or Bloomer Toastie
Served with mixed dressed salad & tortilla chips
felafel or vegan cheese or vegan sausage
One Filling £6.80 Two Fillings £7.80
Tomatoes, onions or mushrooms can be added

Homemade Scones
Pepper, olive & vegan pesto scone served with spread £2.70
Sultana or cranberry & orange scone with spread & jam £2.70
Bluebird Afternoon Tea £7.50 per person
Pot of tea, ½ round sandwiches
(salad or vegan cheese or humous),
scone with dairy free spread & jam
Homemade cakes & teabread £2.80
Toasted Teacake with dairy free spread £2.10
Toasted Teacake with spread & jam £2.40
Flapjacks £2.00

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