Loose Leaf Teas

Morgans Brew Loose Leaf Teas
£3.00 per person

Morgans Brew Tea
A blend of east African teas that take you back to the taste of the 40s a good wholesome cuppa it has a golden colour
with a strong refreshing flavour

Welsh Afternoon
An Afternoon tea that gives the feeling of a lazy sunny afternoon on those special days out, with the roundness and smoothness of Darjeeling & Sri Lankan blend of teas

Decaffeinated Black Tea
If you are after a decaff black tea we use a Sri Lanka tea that has had the caffeine removed by the co2 method,
it’s one of the safest ways to remove caffeine

Morgans Grey
An Earl Grey Tea using a premium tea from Sri Lanka with Italian oil of Bergamot. A light tea with a wonderful flavour & fragrance of its own

Lady Morgana Grey
This tea was created in 1990 by the oldest tea company in the Uk for the Nordic market. It is a lighter version of Morgans grey with less bergamot oil and has lemon and orange peel added to give a taste that is sharp and refreshing

Spearmint was revered by ancient Romans for its natural caffeine-free, refreshing slightly sweet infusion
which may be enjoyed hot or cold.

Nettle and Fennel Tea
This herbal infusion has two elements. Fennel is aromatic with a fresh taste and a hint of spice. Nettle has many medicinal benefits, helping to relieve digestive and respiratory problems

Bora Bora Tea
This tea has exotic flavours from the islands of Bora Bora in the French Polynesia region of the Pacific Ocean. The blends of fruit and flowers create a sweet and tangy fruit tisane

Dragon’s Breath
Rich flavoured teas combined with warming spices.
Similar to chai but with a hot kick

Lemon Grass & Ginger
Batons of lemongrass and ginger create a bright, light yellow infusion with woody citrus aroma

Counting Sheep
A mixture of camomile, lavender, lemon balm & rose petals produce a clear soothing infusion

Cherry & Rhubarb
A fruit infusion which has a dark combination of tartness
and soft sweet flavours

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